Announcing results of our first program for tech startups

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Innovations are often driven by corporations, current or future market leaders willing to improve their processes, but not only by corporations. Small tech startups is also a very strong driving force when it comes to new technologies or new business models. When corporations and startups come together something great happens.

A corporation wants to bring innovations to its business process or its function


A tech startup developed an exciting product which can transform an industry


Engaging startups to work with a corporation can be challenging

Orange Fab Russia helps to implement startup innovations in to corporations – customers of Orange Business Services in Russia and CIS, multinational services provider.

Selection of our customers

Orange Fab Russia is a member of a global Orange Fab Network present on four continents. This helps us to bring worldwide expertise to what we do and to open up global markets for Russian startups.

Journey to a pilot

Few times per year we issue a Call for project with an objective to engage startups to run pilots for selected Orange customers.


Define business topics

Jointly with a large corporation – current or future Orange customer  – we define business topics where we believe innovations need to be introduced.


Search for startups

We issue a Call for projects and receive applications from interested startups.



We select a few startups we believe have the best solutions for the business topics.


3-month collaboration

Our team of experts work with core teams of the startups on integration of their solutions in to Orange Business Services products and services for  pilots.


Commercial offer

Startup provides thoroughly worked on commercial offer which fits the business topic and which Orange uses to provide its customer with a commercial offer for integrated  services.



Orange Customer receives a commercial for a paid pilot by joint solution of Orange Business Services and a startup.

You can read full terms and conditions of the program here.

What we are looking for

We work in B2B market segment therefore we seek innovations for large corporations. We defined areas of interest and business requirements but we will look beyond if needed.

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