For corporations

When a large corporation knows exactly what solution it requires for a particular business challenge, it will be able to source it from suppliers or develop in-house. However, to stay ahead of the game the corporation may also need to scan the market to see what innovations are out there and how it can help the corportion. 

Tech startups are part of a driving force of innovations. Corporations can win big by engaging startups to bring innovations in to their operations. Partnering with the startup-accelerator Orange Fab Russia will help you to engage startups, work on their solutions and prepare implementation.

Industries we focus on

Industrial production

Oil & Gas

Metals & Mining


Financial industry


Transportation & Logistics

This is our focus list, however we work with corporations in other industries as well where our research areas meet their business topics.

Our conditions


You agree to join forces with us to define list of business topics to innovate for


You dedicate time of your experts to work jointly with our experts on selecting startups, setting requirements, reviewing proposed solutions


You commit to a paid pilot of a solution with embedded products of a selected startup

Your opportunities

Joint forces with skilled Orange team elevates level of expertise to select the right startups

We will be able to integrate startup solutions in to our industry grade platforms and services operations 

We add our systems integration capabilities to ensure smooth implementation

Together we will have higher success rate of startup acceleration programs

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