For startups

If you are a small tech startup in Russia developing innovative products which you believe can change the whole industries, then Orange Fab Russia can help you to enter the market of solutions for large corporations. We can work together to create a commercial offer for an interested customer.

Our conditions

Your startup is incorporated as an active legal entity

You own the product/service or technology which addresses actual business problem

You are committed to work with us during 3-months acceleration

Your opportunities

Access to the market of solutions for large corporations

Your solutions may find their way in to operations of Orange Business Services customers

Three months of hard work with Orange team to create joint solution

We will help you to understand requirements of large corporations and respond to it with a relevant commercial offer

Possibility of a pilot

We will help to put your solutions to work

Increase your chances for global success

We will be able to distribute successfull solutions to other markets

If you want to take part in Orange Fab Russia programs, check on a start of one of our Call for projects